The cars are all newly registered and insured for himself and for transported and in compliance with permits movement in force in Italy and EEC

For chauffeur services, except for transfers, apply a minimum of 4 hours of available time.
For direct transfers extra-urban (non-stop), the rate is calculated using cost per kilometer.
For shuttle services and seek information from the double Reservation Center by sending an e-mail to
FORMULA BUSINESS collaborates with other companies to hire with driver, to the same standards of quality and efficiency, and can use these to carry out the services for which it deems appropriate. When FORMULA BUSINESS were to fail to carry for any reason within our control to deliver its own means and resources of external partners the passenger (s) to the destination booked and paid for, will organize the transfer by external means (Taxi, Limousine, Car rent) and then refund the customer the cost of such transportation upon presentation of receipt / invoice. The reimbursement for the transfer may not exceed the rates in force for the same is agreed.

The rates include fuel and motorway tolls in Italy. Rates do not include surcharges for night work and / or service holiday, driver charges, tolls abroad, charges for ferries and tunnels, car parks, complementary inputs in the historic centers and ZTL when required. VAT rate 10% (ten percent).

In the case of services that require an overnight stay long the driver out of the home is due to the reimbursement of hotel expenses will be disclosed at the time of booking. For each service for a period equal to or greater than 8 hours is due a refund of the meal which will be communicated to the driver at the time of booking. At the 12th hour of the start of the service, it is expected the second meal of the same cost.

Holiday Service: additional 20% of the ordinary rate. The holidays such as Christmas Day, New Year and Easter: increase of 50% of the ordinary rate. Service (from 20:00 to 07:00 am): increase of 20% of the ordinary rate.

Notice of cancellation of confirmed reservation must be made to the booking center
Unless otherwise specified at the time of booking, the following penalties apply:
• for notice of Cancellations made between 6 and 3 hours before the rental, we apply a penalty equal to 50% of the service booked, in relation to the first day of rental.
• ‘notice for cancellations made less than 3 hours before the rental or in case of noshow/ refusal of service by the customer, we apply a penalty equal to 100% of the service booked, in relation to the first day of rental.
If your flight is canceled or delayed more than 30 minutes to start the client is obliged to inform our reservations number +39 3461611266 able to ensure the presence of our staff on arrival. Failure to delay dispatch of your flight is canceled or exclude the right to have the car available in case of late arrival or delayed and will be a penalty of 50%

The driver will meet the customers with a sign indicating the name of the client:
• At the airport: passengers exit the arrivals hall after customs;
• The Railway Station: at the head of the train unless otherwise agreed;
• At the port: the quay where the landing is scheduled passengers;
• In the city: at the point indicated by the booking office.

Tips are at the discretion of the customer.

FORMULA BUSINESS is not responsible for any damage or loss of luggage.

1. On Board
By credit card, debit card or cash to the driver advanced notice when booking.
2. Billing
The total amount of the service will be billed directly to the customer by FORMULA BUSINESS advance notice when booking the invoice header (name, billing address and VAT).

Users of the rental service is prohibited from:
• Smoking during transport;
• Throwing objects from vehicles, stationary and in motion;
• Deface, defile or damage the vehicle;
• Require the transport of pets without having adopted, in agreement with the charterer, all possible measures to avoid damaging or soiling the vehicle;
• Demand that the carriage is made in violation of safety rules and behavior provided by the current Highway Code.